Our Story

Our Story:

Founded by natural health specialists with years of scientific and real-life experience, CBx Natural is grounded in sustainable wellness backed by science. We take a naturopathic approach choosing to empower skin health balance through a combination of hundreds of years of plant-based medicine and the latest scientific research & design.

Modern science of hemp has only scratched the surface of this incredibly potent plant. The hemp plant is extremely genetically diverse with the potential promise of providing symptom relief to common skin health issues such as acne, dry skin, wrinkles, sensitive skin, eczema, sleep, inflammation, chronic pain, etc. Today's market offers many CBD solutions, but only CBx Natural is the one brand to provide clinically effective, clean skin health solutions with pleasant sensory experiences for sustainable results. We’ve made the naturopathic properties of the hemp plant substantially more bio available by scientifically formulating specific remedy blends of cannabinoids and terpenes infused with key essential oils.

After years of investing in our own research in natural plant-based remedies, we are excited to provide industry leading pleasant plant-based bioactive skin health solutions that you can trust, and your customers will love.

CBx Natural. Better Sustainable Relief.

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